Wednesday, December 15, 2010


by Adrian Hashfi

Tue,14 dec '10 11:42am

girl can you believe it we've made it this far

this is something beautiful and its ours

nothing can mess this up now, cause i know we tried

i know we tried so hard

we could kiss all the complications goodbye

and now let me wipe the tears from your eyes

its okay dont be scared i will stay by your side

i'll make you feel alright

reff: i wanna thank you for not giving up on me

and i know that you know that u r everything i need

and i dont care what people are sayin cause they dont know nothing

as long as were in love2x i'll be fine

thinkin back how rediculous were we

fightin over rediculous things

saying things that we didnt mean

doing things that complicates the scene

but its all in the past and i dont wanna make it last

yeah dont make it last


so cmon girl lets not waste more time

take my hand and try to believe

cmon girl free your mind and say that your mine