Saturday, September 26, 2009


by:Adrian Hashfi

first line:
Girl,do you know?That you’re everything to me right now
Girl,do you know?That i’m goin crazy thinking of you every night every day every second of my life
And now i don’t know what to do
All i know is i’m in love with you

All i want from you is a chance to make you mine,
and i promise you i won’t hurt or break or scare your heart tonight,
your the only thing that i’ve been waiting for all my life
so take my hand don’t let go and
tell me that your mine tonight
Girl,I’ve been singing for you even if i don’t have to
Girl,since the first time i saw you it seems like i can’t go to sleep without dreaming of it
and now i don’t know what to do
all i now is i’m in love with you

Then consider this song is a present from me for your existence
cause i promise you that there’s nobody else then you
->first line->reff->end

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